ARMY BOOK 64: Johan Siersema’s Solider’s Service and Pay Book

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 Note: Please find links to individual static pages at the bottom of this post.

Along with many other old family documents and photos in the box I got from my grandmother’s house was this find: My grandfather Johan Siersema’s Soldier’s Service and Pay Book from when he served in the Royal Netherlands Army-Section Expeditionary Force in 1945-46.

Interestingly, he signed up in Eindhoven, but the book is written in English (Thank goodness! Something I can actually read.).

It has a lot of tidbits of information, some of which I can make out and some of which I cannot. Since I decided to post in a slide-show format, I’ll run through the parts that were filled out below…

Page 3: Lists that Johan enlisted in Eindhoven on 9-7-45
Page 5: He went through lots of rifle training, as well as some for live-grenade throwing, machine guns, and mortar/smoke, noting an entire section (mostly with rifles) with “won courses”
Page 6: Notes corps training, swimming test, and gas chamber qualifications
Page 10: Lists vacations, including five days for Easter in 1946 and movement
Pages 11-12: Lists several vaccinations/innoculations, including TAB for Typhoid
Page 13: He lists Klaas Siersema as his next-of-kin in Bussum
Pages 15-26: The form area for the solider’s will was left blank
Back page: Most of the writing is too difficult to make out, but I can clearly read a “T. Kool” and see that it is followed by an address (my grandmother was called Tineke and her last name was Kool)

If you want to view static images, please click on the following links: Cover, Pages 1-2, Pages 3-4, Pages 5-6, Pages 7-8, Pages 9-10, Pages 11-12, Pages 13-14, Pages 15-16, Pages 17-18, Pages 19-20, Pages 21-22, Pages 23-24, Pages 25-26.

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