1942: WWII POW notice for Klaas Siersema

This is a POW notice sent from the Nazis to Klaas “Niek” Siersema’s wife, Maria Wilhelmina Siersema-van Erp, in 1942.

On the front side are instructions of what should be sent to my great-opa, including his uniform, hat, overcoat, shoes, underwear, etc., and the weight limit accepted.

On the back side is a notice saying that the Fuhrer of the German Empire previously approved the released of officers in captivation, but that they were again being taken into custody because of their more recent actions against Nazi efforts.

My great-grandmother, Helena de Wit, received a nearly identical letter (Although, the signature is different, so I am not sure whom it was for). Below, find the envelope, and front and back sides of that letter:

Envelope with Nazi stamp

Front of POW notice

Back of POW notice

UPDATE: This post was originally written as a POW notice for my grandfather Johan Nico Siersema, until cousin Anje pointed out that he would have been quite young and the top letter could have been for his father Klaas Siersema. I confirmed by comparing signatures and updated the post and tags on May 30, 2013.

9 comments on “1942: WWII POW notice for Klaas Siersema

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  2. On may 15 1942 (the date of the POW notice) Johan Siersema was only 17 years old. So I doubt that this notice is for Johan Siersema. It must have been for his father Klaas Siersema.

    • Oh, wow. I think you’re right. I check the signature against another document I have for Klaas Siersema and it matches. No one in my family had ever mentioned he was a POW before my grandfather was. …I wonder if that contributed to my grandfather’s actions during the war. I would guess so. Thanks Anje!

  3. The WWI POW notice that Lenie de Wit received was for “Broeders”: this name is written after “voornaam en familienaam”. Isn’t that the family doctor she had a relationship with after her divorce ?

    • Oh, yes. Broeders is the doctor she lived with following her divorce from my great-grandfather. I was thinking the part where it says “Broeders and Lenie de Wit” with the address was where the letter was going. You think he was the prisoner? I’ll have to see if I have his signature on anything.

  4. It says “Broeders p.a. Lenie de Wit”. This means “for Broeders per adress Lenie de Wit”. So yes, Broeders was the prisoner.

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