1959: Wubbina Engellina Johanna Petronella Swalve dies

This is the death announcement for Wubbina Engellina Johanna Petronella Swalve, who died the 7th of March, 1959. As far as I can tell, her daughter, Helena de Wit, took care to use elegant stationary for important occasions, and this was no exception. Below, you will find scans of the announcement and thank you card that were mailed out, and a rough translation at the bottom of this post.

You may notice the initials are mixed up on the announcement. My only guess is that Helena was quite distressed when she sent them out, so that could have contributed to the typo.

Rough translations:

“Our gentle and calm, dear mother, grandmother and great-grandmother has died

W.J.E.P. Swalve
Widow of D. de Wit,
At age 79 years

H.F. de Wit

Beverwijk, March 7, 1959
Vondellaan 64
Condolence address:
H.F. de Wit, Tolsteegsingel 37, Utrecht.

The deceased will be laid out in the funeral at Velserweg 18, Beverwijk. Visit from 3-4 and from 7 am to 7.30 am. The funeral will take place Wednesday, 11 March …”


“For the many condolences for the death of our dear mother, grandmother, great-grandmother

Mrs. W.E.J.P. de Wit-Swalve

we express our heartfelt thanks.

H.F. de Wit

Utrecht, April 1959”


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