Mystery photos from an early 1900s album belonging to Helena de Wit

An album that belonged to my great-grandmother Helena de Wit in Beverwijk, Netherlands, in the early 1900s was in the box of photos and documents my grandmother gave me. If you follow this blog, you’ve seen many of those photos retouched over the past year and a half or so. These are the photos that remained untouched, with their subjects unidentified.

I know that without any additional information, the chance that readers here will know any of them is slim. But, please, if anyone recognizes an individual in one of the photos, mention it in the comments.

To see larger images, you can click on one and scroll through.


5 comments on “Mystery photos from an early 1900s album belonging to Helena de Wit

    • La photo en 14e position, indiquée “LEIDEN 18 ou 48” (LEYDE, ville de la Hollande Méridionale – Pays-Bas) montre un jeune homme devant une vitrine où l’on peut lire “Café – Restaurant – Billard”. Il semblerait donc que les commerçants du café-restaurant soient Français ou que la photo a été prise en France ou dans une ville où l’on parle le français. Il serait surprenant qu’elle soit prise à LEYDE (LEIDEN).
      Malheureusement, je ne reconnais personne sur l’ensemble des photos.

  1. Hi Christina, I left some replies at the seperate photos. I think I recognized Lenie on quite a few photos.
    In regards to Frederic’s reply: french words like café, restaurant and billard were and are used a lot in the Netherlands.

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