Video: What Groningen was like in 1944

Clearly, I’ve been spending some time on YouTube recently. This is another historic video of what Groningen used to be like, only this one is from wartime — 1944 to be exact. You’ll notice the heavy military presence, guys spitting on Hitler’s image, and then the devastation from the bombing during WWII. Again, I will point out that this is not a video I or anyone in my family created, but it does provide a glimpse into what my ancestors saw and experienced, so I wanted to post it here. It was added to YouTube by Kee Wijnands last year.


2 comments on “Video: What Groningen was like in 1944

  1. Interesting video! It is made after Goningen was liberated (in 1945, not 1944) and clearly shows the damage the exploding ammunition car in the Stoeldraaierstraat (where Cornelis hatshop was located) made in april 1945. The voice-over mentions the ammunition car and the Stoeldraaierstraat in the film: at 5 minutes and 44 seconds.

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