Portraits of Hendrik Kool

Hendrik Kool, birth date unknown.

Hendrik Kool, birth date unknown. (Courtesy Halbo Kool)

This is a portrait of a relatively young Hendrik Kool and below you’ll find one of him a little older. Hendrik was born around 1870 to Cornelis Kool [1838] and Gonda Maragaretha Duuntjer. Hendrik lived to be 92 years old and died on January 24, 1962. I don’t know anything else about him but would like to, so if you have any information to share, please post it in the comments.

Hendrik Kool

Hendrik Kool. (Courtesy Halbo Kool)

One comment on “Portraits of Hendrik Kool

  1. Hendrik’s exact date of birth is November 23 1869.
    He was born in Veendam in Groningen.

    In 1900 he was appointed to sea captain with the oil company Shell. He worked on one of the first tankers “Besitang”, only 50 meters long, that transported petroleum for Shell in Asia.
    On June 15 1950 a edition of the monthly personnel magazine from Shell (named “Olie” [Oil] ) published a 5 pages long interview with the then 80 year old captain, where he told about his adventures. He describes attempts to mutiny and all kind of other adventures tells how he was the first captain who dared to sail through the around the Cape at South Africa with a tanker. After which he was promoted to Marine Superintendent.

    The last decennia of his live he lived in the city Groningen. He never married.
    He was the brother in law of Christina Kool (née Kollé), the owner of the hatshop. She stayed with him a few years after her husband died, until her sons “allowed” her to return to her own house.

    His uniform (first portrait) must be a marine uniform.

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