Johan “Hans” Siersema in G.H.B.S. photo

Johan "Hans" Siersema and friends.

Johan “Hans” Siersema and friends.

UPDATE: Cousin Anje was able to track down a Ducth newspaper clip that said Johan graduated from Gooisch Higher Citzens School in  Bussum in 1943, indicating that this is a school photo. She posted more details in the comments.

ORIGINAL POST: This photo almost could be filed under Mystery Photo Series on this blog. It includes my grandfather Johan “Hans” Siersema (fourth in from the right), but I have no idea who the other people in the photo are. The writing on the back says only G.H.B.S. Google searches brought up a hockey club called Gemeentelijke Hogere Burger School for those initials, and hockey is fairly important in my family. My opa played in an adult league after immigrating to Canada and my uncle said he thought my opa broke a couple ribs playing. However, this club is in Groningen and to my knowledge, Hans didn’t spend any time there. If anyone else has ideas, I’d love to hear them.

4 comments on “Johan “Hans” Siersema in G.H.B.S. photo

  1. It looks like a school photo to me.
    G.H.B.S. stands for “Municipal Higher Citzens School”. The HBS was school that offered a 3 or 5 year course after primary school. The 5 year course (for children of the age of 12 to 17) prepared you for university.

  2. I thought that the “G” in G.H.B.S. stands for “Gemeentelijk” which means “Municipal”.
    I now know it stands for “Gooisch”. ” ‘t Gooi” is a part Netherlands which includes the municipality Bussum, where the school was located.
    Johan Nico Siersema visited this school in Bussum. He started in 1937 and graduated in 1943: I got this information from a dutch newspaper (De Gooi- en Eemlander : nieuws- en advertentieblad June 5 1943).
    The school has it’s own Wiki page :

    Johan also was a good swimmer: in a newspaper in september 1941 it says he is nummber 2 in local swimming contest (breaststroke).

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