Statica en Dynamica

Before he passed away recently, my great uncle, Morris Kool, passed a couple ancestry items on to me. This one, “Statica en Dynamica,” is a real gem. My great-grandfather, Cornelis Kool, earned a doctorate (I believe in economics) and his thesis was this book from 1935. I’ll include some photos here of the cover, inscription, first few pages, and insert.

6 comments on “Statica en Dynamica

  1. Hi Christina,
    Cees (Cornelis) got a doctorate in “Rechtsgeleerdheid” (Law).

    The inscription says:
    Voor jou, mijn zoon,
    wien ik den moei-
    lijken gang van je va-
    der hoop te besparen

    This means:
    For you, my son,
    whom I hope to spare the difficult path I had to walk.

    I wonder what made Cees’ path so difficult….

    Cousin Anje

  2. Hi Christina,

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Morris’ daughter Carolyn wrote me last July: “His doctorate was in economics, we have a copy of the thesis somewhere. I couldn’t find it at my dad’s. Oma always told me he did not study, but just wrote the thesis. I was trying to find the book, to see if it referenced a university.”

    So now it’s back again. Can you understand the Dutch dedication in the book? If not, I send you a translation.

    Can you tell me the exact date Morris died? He was already very ill (severe dementia) last summer, Carolyn told me.

    I’m very busy with writing Halbo C. Kool’s biography. I hope to finish the ‘manuscript’ next October.

    All the best,

    Niels Bokhove

    • Oh my gosh! We will have to let her know!

      Morris passed away on January 11th.

      It’s funny, there are some drawings of Christina’s (Morris’s sister) from when she was little — she was drawing books and writing “boek” a lot and I deduced that it was during the time Cornelis would have been writing it. It must have been very time-intensive— like your own book, I’d bet!

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