Let’s create a family ancestry record! 20 questions



Oftentimes, the information that we find most interesting is what day-to-day life was like for our ancestors, but not much of that has been recorded. In an effort to create a record for future generations, I hope you will help me!

If you have a half hour or so to spare (don’t we all have a little more free time right about now?), I’d like to invite you to fill out this family ancestry questionnaire and return it to me at christinahlg@yahoo.com.

It’s best to start with a mindset of being open and sharing, and if any memories come back to you later on that you would also like to add, please send those to me, too!

I hope that you will be honest and share the good as well as the bad. If there’s anything you’re not comfortable sharing with a wider audience, just let me know and I’ll remove it before posting your responses on the blog (just say it’s off the record!).

I look forward to learning more about you!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


1. What do you remember about your maternal grandparents? (Remember to include names so I know who you’re talking about!)
2. What do you remember about your paternal grandparents?
3. What was your father like? What did he do for work and fun?
4. What was your mother like? What did she do for work and fun?
5. What are the things you enjoy doing?
6. What adversity did you and/or your family overcome?
7. What are you most proud of having accomplished in life?
8. What was school like for you?
9. What occupations or careers have you had?
10. If you’ve ever been married, how did you meet your significant other(s)? Yes, I’m looking for those love stories!
11. What is your favorite family ancestry story (or stories if you have more than one)?
12. What is something you wish you knew about your family history? Please include as much information as possible (ie any names and dates you do have) in case someone who reads this might have answers.
13. What are some of your fondest childhood memories?
14. Did you ever get in trouble as a kid? What for?
15. What was technology like when you were a kid?
16. What are some of the foods your family ate when you were younger?
17. Will you tell me about your faith or spirituality and what it means to you?
18. What is/are your favorite books and why?
19. Is there anything you wish you had done by now but haven’t?
29. Anything to add?