1985: Maria Wilhelmina van Erp passes away on the 10th of December

Maria Wilhelmina van Erp raised my grandfather, Johan Siersema, and was considered by most to be his mother, since he was borderline estranged from his biological mother — Helena de Wit — for most of his life, according to my mom. “Means,” or “Oma Doorn” as she was called, passed away a little more than a year after I was born, and this is the notice that ran in the newspaper (a rough translation will be posted below):

Rough translation:

Any and general notification
On Wednesday, December 10, 1985 our lively and caring mother and grandmother has gone to sleep

Maria Wilhelmina van Erp
Born August 8, 1901

Widow of Klaas Siersema,
Colonel of infantry B.D.,
Former commander of the Military
Hertellingsgoord “Aardenburg” Doorn.

Soquel Highland / California:
Hans and Nancy Siersema

Los Gatos / California:
Phillippa and Philip Siersema

Campbell / California:
Mike and Marlene Siersema
Michael and Timmy

San Jose / California:
Nick and Priscilla Siersema

Boulder Creek / California:
Joy and Steve Gullicksen

Doorn, “Oranjestein”

Address for correspondence:
J. lith
clover 1
3941 TJ Doorn

The cremation has taken place.