WWI: Photo of Klaas Siersema and fellow soldiers in Kampen in 1915

This is a retouched photo of my great-grandfather, Klaas Siersema (at far left), and some of his fellow soldiers in the Royal Netherlands military in Kampen, Overijssel, during WWI. This was very early in his career, and he would have been about 20 years old. I believe that, at this time, he was a Vaandrig (officer cadet), judging by his promotion to Tweede-Luitenant (second lieutenant) a couple years later.

WWI: Ministry of War promotes Klaas Siersema to Tweede-Luitenant

In this document dated Sept. 25, 1917, my great-grandfather Klaas Siersema, who served in the Royal Netherlands military, is promoted to the rank of Tweede-Luitenant by the Minister van Oorlog. In English, Minister van Oorlog translates to Ministry of War and Tweede-Luitenant is Second Lieutenant, according to Google Translate.

Unfortunately, the document’s actual size is a bit larger than the face of my scanner, so this is just a photograph of the of it, which means it’s a little less crisp and readable. But, you can still see one of the most interesting things, which is that “Bij het Regiment” is crossed out and “den Sergeant” was written below. I am super curious what this means and if it had something to do with it being WWI, and possibly promotions being handled differently? If anyone has a thought on that, I’d love to hear it.