Mayor of Doorn commends Johan Nico Siersema

Bewijs van goed zedelijk gedrag Gemeente van afgifte: Doorn Datum van afgifte: 20 Juli 1949 De burgemeester van voormelde gemeente verklaart, dat de hieronder genoemde persoon, voor zoveel hem bekend, van goed zedelijk gedrag is. Geboren te: Maasbree L Geboren op: 9 October 1924 Beroep: Zonder Alhier wonende (van - tot): 1 November 1948 tot heden  De burgemeester voornoemd, [signature]. Evidence of good character Municipality of issue: Doorn Date of issue: 20 July 1949 The mayor of that municipality declares that the person mentioned below, so far as known to him, of good repute. Born in: Maasbree L Birth: 9 October 1924 Occupation: Without Local resident (from - to): 1 November 1948 to present The mayor said, [signature]

In this document from the 20th of July, 1949, the mayor of Doorn commends my grandfather, Johan Nico Siersema, as a person of good repute and good character. I’m not sure exactly what for, but possibly for service in the war. Still, it’s pretty cool to see.

GALLERY: Envelopes sent by Maria Wilhelmina van Erp (Part 1)

Maria Wilhelmina van Erp, my step-great-grandmother who was married to Klaas Siersema, had a reputation for liking stamps. Oma Doorn, as the grandchildren would call her, would regularly send envelopes to my mom and uncles. The envelopes were empty about half the time, with the occasional note on the back saying “There is nothing inside dear, only a big hug!” or a short letter inside.

The way my mom puts it, Oma Doorn didn’t have a lot of money, so what she did have as discretionary income, she put toward these stamps and envelopes so she could send something special to her grandchildren. As a result, these had enough sentimental value for a couple people in my family to keep them through the years, and I have scanned them since.

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